El Yesal 2019
  • El Yesal 2019
  • El Yesal 2019
  • El Yesal 2019

El Yesal 2019


Navarra red wine.

Garnatxa 100%.

Pairing: Aperitifs, with any type of fish, seafood, rice dishes and white meat. Very suitable to drink alongside tapas.


Luis Moya Tortosa Wines.

El Yesal.

Garnatxa 100%.

Grape from a hundred-year-old vineyard in the shape of an amphitheater in the area of "El Yesal" located in Tirapu. Poor and hard white soil, magnesium and limestone rocks on the surface. The grapes are selected and harvested by hand in boxes. Indigenous yeasts and bacteria. The wine is aged in oak barrels and demijohns.

Colour: Cherry red with low intensity blue reflections.

Aroma: Red fruits like cherry, raspberry and violets.

Taste: Pleasant, elegant and persistent with the presence of cherry, raspberry and dried plum.

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